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Crazy over a fox centuries older than me...

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I'm a Kurama fangirl! Yes, that's Kurama from Yuu Yuu Hakusho, really old anime. <3 Also, I support HK, that means K/H, H/K. So there.

I do some fics (ofics and fanfics), a little bit of AMVs, and a number of icons, I guess. Looking into joining icontests, so let's see how that's going.

I believe it's common courtesy to comment on something someone posted, be it a fic or pic, when you've looked at it and like it. So if you see my name on your comments, I probably felt something for your work, however randomly I found it while surfing. ^__^ Also, critique does not mean I hate you and wish to bully you virtually. It just means there's room for improvement, and I think you can do much much better. :)

I would like to receive a PM or comment or something at least, so that I can get to know you before adding you back? Don't be shy, I generally don't bite. :P
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